You'll never guess what, it's another giant Boston fern!


The latest contender

So I tap away when I can on this blog with - if I'm honest - the intention of driving some traffic to our website, as frankly we aren't the most aggressive firm at marketing office plants. Maybe why our existing customers like us so much. 


But it seems the one thing this blog has achieved is making me the Norris McWhirter of giant Boston Ferns. 

Yes, you guessed it: out of the blue I have been emailed by another US owner of a giant Boston Fern, also convinced they have the biggest one. 

If this is your first foray into the topic, this is the post that started it all. 

This was the first challenger.

This was the most recent one. 


Where this one - the pride and joy of Barry and Jen Hartranft - seems to excel is in length, whereas the previous one in the car dealer I would say wins out on sheer volume. This raises a supplementary question: is it frond length or total volume that determines what constitutes the "World's Biggest Boston Fern"? 

I know the USA is a very large country, but I think the owners of all three challengers to the crown should meet at some central location and argue this one out, then just let me know their decision. 

All joking apart, as a houseplant professional it gladdens my heart to see such enthusiasm, and am both happy and amused to be kept updated on the topic.

Though I should probably own up that the original plant of ours died some years ago after the client moved it to a too-dark area. Sorry....


Barry Hartranft and his amazing ferns