Barrier Planting

A lot of focus now in offices is on creating physical barriers between staff. Barrier planting can help with physical distancing as well as creatively designing ‘zones’ in open plan offices, and some barriers can even help with dampening sound. So you get all the benefit of a barrier with the added bonus of attractive greenery and added productivity!

Plants are far more attractive than a plastic screen, with all the added health benefits of houseplants.

Stewarts can supply barrier planters which look most effective when planted in a uniform fashion like examples on this page. The pots are made to order so can be any dimension you requre. It’s pure coincidence that our examples are all white: as they are bespoke they can be any colour you want to fit in with your office décor.

Barrier planters are quite expensive to buy outright, but don’t worry: you can rent them, with our maintenance service as part of the package so they will always look their best while doing their job.