What better way to decorate your home for the festive season than with a real Christmas tree. That wonderful pine scent and the natural needles proudly exclaim that Christmas is here!

Our potted trees arrive in store in early November and the cut Christmas trees will be available from 23rd November.

Looking After your Cut Christmas Tree

When you bring your tree home, leave it outside in a bucket of water for as long as possible. The cool temperatures and moisture will help to keep your tree fresher for longer and keep the needles in place. If possible, saw a little off the bottom of the trunk to expose fresh wood, which will absorb water more easily. Always use a stand that can hold water and keep it topped up whilst in the house. Where possible keep the tree away from radiators and switch of the fairy lights at night to keep the tree cool. The lower the temperature the better the tree will do.

Looking After your Potted Christmas Tree

When you get home…
1. Remove the netting and water well, keep outside for as long as possible
2. Bring your tree inside, don’t remove the climate bag and position in a cool, dry place, away from radiators
3. Keep the soil moist at all times, do not allow the tree to dry out
4. Immediately after the festive period, put your potted tree outside. You can plant it in your garden to enjoy for years to come!

As always, if you need more advice just speak to a member of our Outdoor Plants team.


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