Green Footprint

Stewarts Garden Centres and Landscaping aim to be at the forefront of green issues in the way we operate, in the products we supply to our customers and the ethos in which the way our business is run.
We have identified three areas where our business can make a contribution to the environment and our surrounding area, this is our small contribution to making the world a better place.


  • We recycle all our plastic and cardboard packaging material.
  • We supply biodegradable carrier bags for our customers to use and paper bags.
  • We offer Stewarts own bags for life that can be used more than once.
  • We recycle all green waste material and use it as much around our own garden centres.
  • We have a recycling area for customers to leave and take empty plant pots.
  • We use electrically powered vehicles on our nursery. 
  • Every effort is made to reduce vehicle movements by efficient planning of rotas, deliveries and full use of modern communications systems.
  • We recycle all of our printer and toner cartridges.


  • We sell plants and trees, which is great for the environment!
  • We grow and source as many plants as possible from our local area/suppliers to reduce plant miles.
  • The majority of plants sold at Stewarts are sourced from the UK helping to reduce the distance travelled.
  • We sell reduced peat products in line with current government guidelines. 
  • The majority of ingredients sold in our coffee shops is sourced locally, is fresh and homemade.
  • Some of our beef sold in our coffee shops is reared on our own land to reduce food miles.
  • We endeavour to source furniture with FSC accreditation or from sources with environmental accreditations.
  • We actively look for new products to introduce to our ranges, which include water recycling, organic pest and disease controls, innovative products and products to help our customers recycle and help with organic gardening.
  • We promote plants that are good for attracting bees and other insects into the garden.


  • We encourage links with local schools and parents to encourage gardening.
  • We encourage charities to talk to our customers who promote responsibility to protect nature and the environment such as the RSPB. 
  • Each year we sponsor a local artist, Nina Squire, to deliver a series of workshops through supplying art materials. The project ‘Little Green Fingers’, aims to inspire children to enjoy the natural environment, whilst encouraging them and their families to create thriving eco habitats in their own schools and gardens.  We’ve watched it grown each year, working with many local schools and reaching hundreds of local children. If you’d like to know more please take a look  at Little Green Fingers.

We constantly review our green accreditation and look for any opportunity to improve how Stewarts can help the environment. 


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